A Step-by-Step Guide to Keratin Treatment

Everyone is talking about keratin treatments. If you don’t perform them in your salon, you are missing out on a lot of revenue.


Let’s first go over the basics of keratin before we get into the actual keratin treatment. Keratin is a natural protein that is essential in creating a natural structure for your skin, hair, and nails. Keratin is also found in organs and other glans.

Keratin protein protects your skin from tearing and scratching.

Keratin is a building block that keeps your house stable.

Keratin can also be extracted from hooves and feathers, wool, and other animal sources. Keratin is a common ingredient in hair cosmetics because of its natural tendency to strengthen hair and make it shiny.

To make it easy for you to offer keratin treatments, I have broken down the steps.

Choosing a Right Product

It is important to choose the right brand keratin treatment. Not all brands are equal.

Recently, safety concerns regarding keratin treatments have been at the forefront of the news due to some products containing dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

Keratin Shot is a great option, as well as the Keratin Complex. Both are free of formaldehyde and contain very little or no formaldehyde.

Wash, Wash and Wash It Away

After consulting with your client, answer all their questions about the treatment and drape them, then bring them to the shampoo bowl.

Use the recommended shampoo of the manufacturer to wash the hair three more times vigorously.

Conditioner should not be applied.

Use the Treatment

Get your client back in your chair. To towel dry, some keratin treatments can be applied to dry hair while others are applied to damp.

Divide the hair into four sections, then apply the product from the top to the bottom.

Keratin Complex should be applied using a brush and a spray bottle, according to the Keratin Shot.

After the product has been applied, comb the hair with a fine-tooth comb. You can then remove any product that remains on your comb and run a fine-tooth comb through your hair.

Processing Time

The processing times can vary between manufacturers so make sure to consult your product. However, most commonly, they are between 10-20 minutes.

Some brands need heat, while others recommend using a cap for heat retention.

Do not wash the product after your client has finished.

Blow Baby, Blow

After the product has been processed, you can blow-dry your hair. It can take some time because there is so much product in your hair. But just keep at it and dry the hair as dryly as you can.

Flat Iron: Get it out

Section the hair using a ceramic iron heated to at least 350 degrees. Flat iron the hair about 7 to 8 times, depending on how many inches you are working from the roots to the ends.

The Law must be enacted

Once your clients have finished their keratin treatment Sydney, there are some important rules you should remind them of.

You should not wash your hair for 3 days after the treatment. 1-day treatments are also available.

Three days after the treatment, do not use clips or bands on your hair. They can cause damage and damage.

For the next three days, do not use dry shampoos and other hair products.

After shampooing, they should use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Non-sulfate-free products may cause the keratin treatment back to normal.



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