Trick Flow Head 

Trick Flow makes dyno-proven performance cylinder heads and intake manifolds as well as valvetrain components, throttle bodies, throttle bodies, bolt-on parts, and valvetrain components. To ensure outstanding performance, all products are created, manufactured, and tested in-house.

Despite their best efforts to deny it, Bow Tie racers are often faced with 5-point-slow Mustangs. They are often surprised to discover that they can be very fast. It’s possible that their 302s were equipped to run with larger 350ci competitors. Trick Flow was initially designed to be a dark-side vehicle and earned a reputation for being able to deliver outstanding out-of-the-box performance. However, the company has been able to offer the same venerable formula with budget-friendly horsepower to Chevy loyalists. The company now sells a wide range of cylinder heads, both for small-block Chevys as well as all four generations. Trick Flow offers a wide range of products, including small-block heads with raised runners 23 degrees, big-block heads in rectangular and oval ports, castings of 265cc LSx castings, as well as big-block heads with oval and rectangular ports.



Many Camaros, Novas, and other muscle cars were able to stomp Blue Ovals with Trick Flow heads every day. In 1983, the company was established with the legendary A460 Ford heads. The A460 Ford heads were a game-changer for big-block Ford fans at a time when big-block Chevys and Chryslers dominated the track. Trick Flow’s 25-year history of innovation, performance, and innovation was opened to them. They soon realized that small-block Chevys needed low-cost, high-quality cylinder heads and so created a series of castings in 195cc.

It was used in conjunction with the GM LS engine platform. You can CNC-port our 13.5-degree heads using either 205- to 215, 225-, 235, 235-, or 245, cc intake runners. Trick Flow manufactures a high-performance cylinder head for all applications. They can be used with 205- to 215-, 225-, 235-, or 245cc intake runners. To ensure the highest quality products, we will continue to innovate, test, improve and improve them.


AS-Cast Power

Trick Flow heads Australia are well-known for their outstanding performance. This is not an accident. Trick Flow creates as-cast cylinder heads using a proprietary process called Fast As Cast. Trick Flow can offer performance comparable to CNC-ported heads but at a much lower price. After starting with one of our CNC-ported Cylinder Heads, we then make intake and exhaust port tooling from the port forms.

Trick Flow offers CNC-machined versions for several of its cylinder heads models. This gives you more power and lowers your costs. To aid in R&D, we use two Superflow 901 engine engines in our house. To evaluate the quality of every cylinder head available, we compare them all and find ways to improve on them. Performance enthusiasts will love the competition in their field. They are encouraged to improve their affordability and continue to improve.


Flowbench & Dyno

A flow bench is powerful, such as our CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Some flow benches can measure airflow, as well as air swirls or tumble. What does this actually mean? A head that flows at peak speeds but runs like a dog in low and middle lifts is an example. The lazy head on the dyno will be defeated by a head with lower peak numbers and well low and middle lift. CFD and flow bench software can be good places to start, but you must use the dynos to verify their findings. The dyno allows us to look objectively at all combinations.


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