Lifestyle Living in South Africa: An Introduction

In recent years, lifestyle living has revolutionized the South African property market. It is a concept with many applications that appeals to people who desire the best life. It evokes an emotional need for quality and a desire to live a life that is fulfilling.

Although the idea is similar to lifestyle living in other countries it has an African appeal. South Africa offers a unique combination of natural scenic beauty, African adventure and a rich cultural heritage. It also boasts world-class facilities. No more are the days of lions roaming through the streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg. The famous Big Five now live in well-managed game parks, while top cities in South Africa offer shops and restaurants that promise First World luxuries at reasonable prices. This is especially true for visitors from other countries.

It is therefore not surprising that lifestyle living appeals to both locals and foreigners.

South Africa, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Oceans, is the 25th-largest country in the world. It covers an area of 1,221,040 sq kms (or 471,446 sq miles). More than 47 million people live in the country, representing a variety of religions and cultures. The country is truly a Rainbow Nation with nine official languages and nine provincials.

If you are looking for property opportunities in this country, the agents will enthusiastically promote lifestyle living. Magazines published in the area use the term loosely to refer to just about any aspect of quality gracious living, including food, wine, beauty and sometimes property.

Lifestyle living theory’s flexibility allows it to be tailored to almost any desire. This is why lifestyle living is so popular in promoting property values and desirability. Lifestyle living is a distinct industry. It is irresistible to many.

Any type of lifestyle estate in this country is likely to provide a safe and secure environment that allows you easy access to all the amenities you desire. This basic definition is met by thousands of gated communities throughout South Africa. Quality lifestyle-living is more than just living in a luxurious housing estate with identical-looking mansions or triple garages.

The connoisseur is looking for rural lifestyles that are far from the hustle and bustle of cities. The most successful developers of country lifestyle estates are able to link buyers’ needs with their lifestyle preferences, such as golf, horseback, wine, and private nature reserves.

International buyers desire all the benefits of “Farm in Africa”, without the financial risk or management worries. There is an environment for every buyer that suits their needs and fits within their budget.

You can understand all your options and start to look for the place you want, just as I did.


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