How to reverse hair loss and get your head full of hair naturally

I love girls with long, shiny, flowing hair. They are beautiful and so demure. Males with untidy hair give me the creeps. I don’t want my mind to wander into the dark recesses of unwashed hair.

The body’s temperature is one of the many functions of hair. The hair acts as a physical barrier between outside cold air and skin. It also traps warm air between the skin, and the hair. This prevents severe cold from affecting a person.
It’s okay for men to have long hair to serve this purpose, but they must maintain it well.

Our physical appearance changes with age. As we age, our hair density decreases and hair strands become thinner. Soon, hair begins to thin out. This can eventually lead to Hair Loss. Each day we shed approximately 100 hairs. However, if you lose more, you might have other problems. This is a genetic condition that can be inherited from your father or mother.

While you cannot change your genes there are ways you can protect and preserve your “CROWN”. Hair loss can be very distressing for all ages, especially women. The effect can be caused by bad genes, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, stress or any other reason. DEVASTATING. It is common knowledge that hair thinning happens. However, it doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

There are many ways to solve the problem. You can think of lifestyle changes!

Hair needs protein, iron and zinc to thrive. The right foods will nourish your hair. You should eat lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and beans. Non-vegetarians can eat red meat, lean meat, and fish in addition to what is listed above.

Use your fingers to massage the scalp with coconut oil. Continue this motion for several minutes, before you wash it. This will increase blood circulation and encourage hair growth. Continue to massage your scalp while you shampoo. This will give your hair roots a boost.

Let your hair air dry after washing it. Hair dryers and irons can cause hair damage. Only sick or damaged hairs will fall off so it is important to be gentle with them.

If you do need to use heated tools, make sure they have adjustable settings. Hair will look thinner if there is less hair breakage.
You must gently brush your hair when it is damp.

Stress due to difficult times such as job loss or divorce, can also cause hair loss. It is important to get rid of stress and to change your mindset to be positive.


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