Hire a children’s entertainer for your kid’s party.

You can find many entertainers for children in Leeds and surrounding areas. A quick Google search for “Children’s Entertainers Leeds” will give you a lot of options. You can find clowns, magicians and fairies who specialize in entertaining children at parties.

These are just a few of the top in the North West (and East).

JingJangJooJong is a crazy couple that creates a magical, alien world for their guests.

Make a Wish Entertainment specializes in fairy-tales and entertainment for children

If you are having trouble thinking of what to do, hire an entertainer. Most of them are Equity members so they are high-quality performers. You should ensure that they have public liability insurance so that you are protected in the event of any minor injuries. Also, many companies advertise CRB clearance.


What is the purpose of the party? You need the right equipment for any occasion, including a surprise party, birthday party, or calm British tea party.

These items are not always necessary, but they are useful to have on hand in case 1 guest asks for them.

  • Plastic cups are best because it can be taken outside.
  • Plastic cutlery (for exactly the same reasons as above but also because they can be thrown away and you don’t need to wash them!)
  • Use paper towels to wipe up spills Somewhere, you will spill something.
  • Plasters can be used to cut plastic cutlery!
  • Water bottles (for tired children and drunk adults)

These are the basics. If you cater for a specific type of party, you will need to have your niche products. For kids parties, you should always have balloons. You don’t have have to fill them with helium. Sometimes entertainers provide costumes for children or other items to make them feel more involved. However, it is worth talking to them beforehand and renting outfits or just one token item (eye-patch/pirate hat) to give to them. Outfit stores don’t usually have set prices so you can negotiate with them. If you have a party of 20 children and need 20 outfits, they may be willing to sell you 20. You might be lucky.

What to watch out for?

Equity, Public Liability and CRB Check

Some things set entertainers apart from others. These things don’t necessarily make them better, but it does mean they have taken extra precautions in safety, entertainment, and insurance.

Logos to search for on websites:

1. Equity logo: Equity is the professional performing arts and creative practitioners’ institute. Being a member usually means that the entertainer has been classically trained or displayed high levels of professionalism and performance. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be better than someone who isn’t, but it does give you some comfort. Especially when the audience is tough, amateurism can really shine through and make things awkward.

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